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COVID-19 Termination Updates

Major news outlets including Bloomberg and the Washington Post have reported the shocking number of employers who are firing workers for speaking out about working conditions they have suffered while providing critical services and others who have been terminating for refusing to work when the employer fails to protect the employee from exposure to the coronavirus.

Remarkably, some California employers are requiring there employees to work when the business is not exempt from the shelter in place or stay and home directives and orders.  A worker who is fired for refusing to work in violation of those directives and orders are victims of unlawful termination.The attached article from Bloomberg and the Washington Post describe examples of workers in all regions of the country and through different economic sectors who are victims of employers unlawful termination.

The stories are astounding when read in the context of the people throughout the world trying to stay healthy, pay their bills and feed their family. The victims of these unlawful terminations in California have rights against those employers to not only recover for the lost wages and benefits from losing their job, but also the human losses suffered by the worker who, during the greatest health crises and economic uncertainty of our lifetimes, has their livelihood taken from them. The employers must not get away with victimizing Californian workers while they attempt to make money without consideration for the human risk and cost.

SCHOECH LAW GROUP’s  attorneys and staff fight for the protection of employees every day. They are inspired by the work Californian’s are doing to keep essential services running while others comply with stay and home/shelter in place directives and orders. They are working from home prepared to help any and all victims of the unlawful termination of employees recover for all of the losses they suffer from these outrageous unlawful terminations during this unprecedented time.

As an employee, you’re entitled to certain rights. If those rights have been violated by your employer either directly or indirectly, then contact Schoech Law Group. We have the knowledge and experience to handle a variety of employment law claims. Our team will work with you to understand your claim and create a comprehensive plan to help you win the case.

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