Four Tips to Ensure Your Construction Project Runs SmoothlyWe Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

Four Tips to Ensure Your Construction Project Runs Smoothly

Springtime is amongst us and with that comes new construction projects. Whether it’s a new house, new roof, new windows, remodel/addition to your home or swimming pool, the following four tips can help make your project run smoothly:

  1. Verify the Contractors Credentials: Go to the contractor’s state licensing board at and make sure the contractor is licensed and bonded. If your project is $500 or more (including labor and materials) the contractor must be licensed by the state of California.
  2. Verify the Contractor’s Insurance: There is no legal obligation that the contractor carry commercial general liability insurance (CGL) but, if something goes wrong, you need to make sure that you are covered. Ask the contractor for a current certificate of insurance and verify that the scope of work on your project is covered under their policy. Often times, unless you are working with large contracting operations, damages stemming from construction defects may far exceed the contractor’s financial viability making it crucial that they have CGL insurance to cover them and you in case something goes wrong.
  3. Ask for References: Do the due diligence and ask the contractor for references. Questions to ask the references include 1) timeliness: Did the contractor complete the project in a timely fashion? 2) Quality: Did the quality of the workmanship meet or go above your expectations? 3) Temperament: Was the contractor professional and easy to work with. Did they communicate well with you at each phase of the project and discuss any problems that arose? How was the contractor’s temperament throughout the project? 4) Previous litigation? Check the local superior court website to search for prior lawsuits against the contractor. Some counties, like Sacramento, have all pleadings available online (
  4. Get it In Writing: A well negotiated contract today will save you some litigation tomorrow. Make sure the contract clearly lays out the price of the project, the possibility of change orders and how they are handled. All change orders must be in writing and signed by you. Also, a contractor may only require a down payment of 10% or $1,000, whichever is less, and can only require payment for work performed. Do not give advances and do not pay in cash and be sure to keep a job file with all project papers and proof of payments.

Following the above tips can help ensure the smooth running of your construction project and make sure that you are protected should something go wrong. In the unfortunate event that something does go wrong call the experienced California construction defect lawyers at the Anderson | Schoech law firm for a free consultation.

Call us now at (916) 569-1940 to speak with a Sacramento construction defect lawyer at a no-cost consultation. Let us help you protect your home!

We Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

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