“We just wanted to take a moment to update you on our life since we last spoke.  After we received the settlement, we hired a world record fast and efficient crew to get cracking on the house.  They were pretty much working around the clock and we were able to move in just in time for the birth of our son.  Of course the house wasn’t finished, but it was in live-in condition.  Since then, we have been completing all of the little things (the list is endless).

We were able to celebrate our first Christmas in our new home complete with Christmas lights and a huge Christmas tree!!!!  It was so exciting and wonderful!  The kids loved it!

We have not forgotten how hard you worked to make this happen and just wanted to send you a little note of gratitude.  We wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you again for everything you have done for our family.”

-CJ, San Mateo County, CA

“As a deposition reporter, who works in the Sacramento, Yuba-Sutter and Chico areas, with many attorneys who concentrate their practice in the construction defect area of law, I decided to call the law firm of Anderson Schoech to help me when I had construction defect problems at my home. I work with many great law firms — and Sacramento has many fine attorneys to choose from — but I chose Anderson Schoech because they are local, they have an impeccable reputation amongst their peers and they get results.

In my case, Mr. Schoech was able to negotiate a very fair settlement for me. The whole process took about six months. Mr. Schoech was available to me when I had questions. He kept me up to date on the case all the way through, and I am extremely happy with his representation; therefore, without reservation, I highly recommend Anderson Schoech for your legal matters.”

– LO, Sutter, CA

“Thank you for helping me.  I could not have found anyone better to work with.  Your professionalism and steadfastness in dealing with everyone were exceptional.”

– MPK, Berkeley, CA

“I am very pleased with the representation that Anderson-Schoech provided me in my construction defect action. They were able to recover sufficient funds for me to perform the necessary repairs on my home. I would not hesitate to immediately engage Anderson-Schoech again if the need arose. When you have a construction defect claim, you should not hesitate to contact them either.”

– R. Cole, Santa Rosa, CA

“[We] want to thank you for all the work you put in on behalf of all of us here in RM [Rancho Murieta]. We appreciated your honesty as to expectations and your accessibility to answer questions and address concerns.”

– B&K L, Sacramento County, 2011

Regarding a $5M recovery for homeowners.  Length of Litigation 2007-2010

“Thank you, and please tell (Clayton Anderson and Matt Schoech) and all who have worked so diligently on our case, that I will be forever grateful for your team’s expertise and courage. When I bought this house after my husband died, I payed [sic] for it with the profits from the sale of our home. I thought that I was making a good decision and that Jim would have been pleased with my choice and proud to be taking care of his family. Since all the staining and cracking started, I have questioned my judgment and shed many tears; maybe people have to lose a spouse to really understand how lost and overwhelmed I feel, but you have demonstrated incredible patience and support, Brenda, and I can’t thank you enough. I sure hope that you will be able to take a vacation soon; you deserve it!”

– Colleen, Sacramento

“Thank you for all the effort you put in on our behalf concerning the Beazer Homes lawsuit. When we started this process, we really did not think much would come of it. Happily you proved us wrong. 

We especially want to acknowledge the efforts of Brenda who was our main contact person. Brenda was very helpful and professional. She ensured that our end of this endeavor moved along very smoothly.

Thanks again and if we ever have another need for an attorney in the Sacramento area we certainly will look you up.”

-J&J B

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