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Matthew Schoech Successfully Defends Purchaser of Property in Real Estate DisputeWe Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

Real Estate Attorney –  Matthew Schoech Successfully Defends Purchaser of Property in Real Estate Dispute

Construction & real estate attorney, Matthew Schoech, has successfully defended a real estate dispute after the seller instituted claims for breach of contract. Mr. Schoech represented purchasers of a single family residence who were convinced by their real estate broker to pay additional funds to the seller in excess of the property’s appraised value. The purchasers contacted Mr. Schoech for a free consultation after feeling like they were duped in the transaction.  It was discovered that the broker was a dual agent and also a partial owner of the property at issue all creating a severe conflict of interest and breaching the agent’s fiduciary duty owed to the buyer.

A real estate agent owes a fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in the dealings with the buyer. A buyer’s real estate agent also owes the duty to diligently exercise reasonable skill and care in performance of the agent’s duties, a duty of honest and fair dealing and good faith, and a duty to disclose all facts known to the agent materially affecting the value or desirability of the property that are not known to, or within the buyers diligent attention and observation.  When an agent acts as a dual agent for the buyer and the seller these duties are heightened due to the inherent conflict of interest.  Arguments were made that the dual agent was in breach of their duties owed to the seller and the matter was amicably resolved at mediation for a fraction of the amount sought by the seller.

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We Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

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