My Property Has Construction Defects But My Builder Says I’m Out Of Warranty. Do I Have Any Legal Recourse?We Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

Yes.  If you’re a homeowner who purchased property that is less than ten years old, or have remodeled in the last 10 years, you do have legal rights for any construction defects.  When a consumer buys a new house from a home builder the builder normally provides a home warranty number to call if there are any defects that need to be addressed.  This works great if you’re dealing with a builder who honors the warranty and rectifies the problems.  However, what do you do when the builder tells you that your defect is out of warranty?

Homeowners should be weary of builder/contractor representatives who come in and say their defects, such as cracks or leaks are only covered under a one or two year warranty.  These representatives will often make false statements causing homeowners to believe that, even though they have a construction defect, there is nothing they can do. Unfortunately many homeowners settle for this response and are burdened with the cost and labor of making the repairs themselves, without any compensation from the builder.  The fact is, most of these issues may not be under warranty but are still under a 10-year statute.  You can still make a legal claim against the builder or contractor to recover some of your costs or help with the repairs.

California law provides ALL homeowners 10 years to file a construction defect lawsuit against their builder

The law is often called SB800 or Civil Code 896 which says you can recover for various defects for up to 10 years, well beyond what the builder tells you. A construction defect attorney at Anderson|Schoech, on behalf of a homeowner, can either make a claim for repairs or proceed to litigation to recover monetary damages for construction defects.  Keep in mind that there is no requirement that you have to be the original owner to file a claim.  Subsequent owners are subject to the same 10 year period for construction defects as the original owners, regardless of what the builder claims.

The law office of Schoech Law Group has helped many homeowners across Northern California, recovering favorable settlements in claims against their builders and contractors.  We handle cases in counties such as Alameda, Marin, Napa, Santa Clara, and many others all the way down to Santa Barbara County.  We have over 40 years of combined legal experience to prosecute your claim.

Listen to the live recording of Matt Schoech, construction defect attorney and partner, as he informs property owners of their legal rights, and determine if you need to call him for a FREE CONSULTATION.  You can reach Matt at (916) 569-1940, or e-mail him directly at 

Call us now at (916) 569-1940 to speak with a Sacramento construction defect lawyer at a no-cost consultation. Let us help you protect your home!

We Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

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Call us now at (916) 569-1940 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


Schoech Law Group, PC 3511 Del Paso Rd. | Ste. 160 PMB 227 | Sacramento, CA 95835 | Tel: (916) 569-1940 | Fax: (916) 569-1939

Schoech Law Group, PC

3511 Del Paso Rd.

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Fax: (916) 569-1939

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