Tips for Maintaining a Healthy RoofWe Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

If you see a problem with your roof, you should call an expert to help you assess your needs. You should also avoid walking on the roof whenever possible. However, the following is a list of places to check which can often help identify a problem early on.

  1. Survey your roof visually from the ground. Each row of tiles or shingles should be even. Look for any missing, “slipped” or damaged tiles or shingles. Replace any missing tiles or shingles as soon as possible to avoid damage to the water proofing and sheathing below.
  2. Take a look around your attic. Make note of any damp or water-damaged timbers in the roof structure and look for any stains on wood framing or insulation.
  3. Make sure that the vents in the eaves are not covered with insulation. They allow air to circulate through the attic.
  4. It may be necessary to cement down the edges of any “curled” shingles.
  5. Look for stains under the eaves and behind the trim in areas where the roof overhangs an exterior wall. Water in these areas is often the result of problems higher up the slope of the roof.
  6. If you are not comfortable with climbing onto your roof do not hesitate to call a professional roofer.

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We Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

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