Water Well Pump Failures at The Ranch, Wilton CAWe Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

Homeowners at The Ranch, a 226-lot subdivision in Sacramento County, built in the rural area of Wilton, CA by JTS Communities, Inc., are discovering the water well pumps installed in their less than 10-year-old homes are failing.  The cause?  Improper installation.  In some, the well pumps are dropping into their wells.  Robert Nix from Robert Nix Drilling has inspected and repaired several well pumps at The Ranch, and homeowners have spent thousands of dollars in repairs, but not before suffering the inconvenience of no running water.  Mr. Nix has found that if after opening the electric box next to the top of the well pump shaft and noticing that the wires running into the top of the shaft are taut, the pump is dropping.    In one home, the ground wire had already ripped from the grounding screw, but luckily the pump had not shorted out and it had not dropped completely.   The difference between fixing the pump before it drops and recovering and re-mounting the pump is about $2,500; fixing it before it drops runs at about $500.

So who’s at fault?  The builder and it’s subcontractors.  A homeowner should be able to contact their home builder to have this type of failure addressed. However, many homeowners find themselves on their own with little to no response from their builder.  The alternative is to contact a lawyer and potentially join a construction defect lawsuit to have these deficiencies resolved through legal representation.

*Source:  Aug. 2012 Newsletter to homeowners at The Ranch

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We Focus on Construction Defect Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

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